• Extensive experience in the Gobales markets.
  • Deep knowledge of the cultural idiosyncrasies of the Global market.
  • Extensive experience in the process of manufacturing and commercialization of raw materials.
  • Commercial relations already established with financial institutions in the Global market.
  • Deep knowledge of marketing structures and promotion of mass consumption products and institutional use.


We represent North American and European companies, manufacturers of raw materials and intermediate products of high quality, in the markets of Central America and South America. Our main objective is to offer our clients markets with great growth opportunities for growth based on formal business relationships framed in the cultural and social characteristics of the region and globally.


We offer our clients our expert knowledge of the Global market, for which we have a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals with access to precise sources of market information.


Our experience in the market of raw materials and intermediate inputs, mass consumption products and institutional use, allows us to support our customers in the development of new products, adaptation of products to the specific needs of the client and the market, development of structures of logistical and financial support and introduction of new products to the market Global level.