Offers a wide range of vessel agency services. The following list is not exhaustive of our capabilities but describes the fundamental services we provide. Should our clients have a specific request or need, chances are that we’ve either dealt with such a situation before, or are able to provide the information and guidance needed to resolve that situation.

If you have questions about anything in the U.S. Gulf & Caribbean area, please do not hesitate to contact PROACTIVE ENERGY LTD for assistance. We are ready to help in any capacity, either as full agents or tending to husbandry matters. For quotes on either, contact us.

Our primary shipping services are:

  • Charterer’s Agency Representation: attend as charterer’s nominated agents for the purpose of not only vessel port movement, but to ensure protection of the charterer’s interests and to expedite cargo operations and minimize demurrage.
  • Owners Husbandry and Protective Representation: arrange crew changes, stores, repairs, medical, spares, transport, air travel, and/or warehousing.
  • Time Charterers Representation: expedite vessel’s port call and cargo operations, coordinate replenishment of bunkers, stevedoring, surveyors, etc.
  • Terminal Agency Representation; representing terminal’s interests, vessel scheduling, implementation, enforcement and invoicing of terminal’s tariff, security regulations, etc.
  • Cargo protective agency for shippers and/or receivers.
  • Preparation of bills of lading and cargo documentation.

PROACTIVE ENERGY LTD is able to handle virtually any request in shipping services. If you have questions regarding a particular service, listed or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.